Muze Connects - About Us

Who are we?

Muze Connects was established in 2005 with a simple mission of bringing local artists from our country together and give them a platform to provide graphic shirts that tell a story and inspire people through their creativity and design. From the start, Muze Connects has a passion for impressive designed tees, detailed illustrations and a strong appreciation for all things creative. Through Muze Connect’s Graphic Tee Company, we’ve strengthened our local artists and gave them a platform to share their unbelievable talent online.

Because each and every one of us in Muze Connects love what we are doing, we promise to continuously commit to give-back, take care and appreciate our artists. We want our world to be a better place in anyway that we can. Muze Connects also supports various charities and will continue to do so through our skills in art and business. Proceeds from every product you buy from Muze Connects will go to selected charities that we have chosen. If we all walk together in harmony, we can make a difference in someone’s life.

We in Muze Connects persistently update ourselves with new ways to bring art to life through screen-printing and digital printing techniques. We love innovations and we are doing our best to learn and implement it in our work. If you’re looking for custom shirts as gifts or give aways for your company or organization, or want to become a reseller and you want to work with a group of friendly and reliable professionals, Muze Connects Graphic Tee is the right place to be. Our company is a full service and in-house screen printer, we specialize in design, and ensure the quality of shirts and promotional products. To get our services, feel free to contact us. You may want to browse the other parts of our website that is available to you.

Thank you for reading our story!

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